Start in Pravieux – Pessey (1834 mt) at 08.00 (chance there will be two starts at 07.45 and 08.00). On the first part the course will follow the summer trail, then continues on open fields and arrives at the F.Chabod refuge (2750mt) where the first refreshment post is. From this, the course carries onto the Laveciau Glacier (around 3200 mt). At this point the 1st change of equipment configuration, the team must form a roped party. 1st check post and time barrier (2h 15 min). The course continues on the glacier following the summer trail up to the Schiena d’Asino (3700 mt). 2nd check post and time barrier (3h 30 min). 2nd refreshments post, medical point with mobile bivouac. The course carries on to Moncorvé (3800 mt ). 2nd change equipment configuration (skis on the back and depending on the committee’s decision crampons and Ferrata KIT on fixed ropes). At the end of the fixed ropes of about 70mt vertical height, 3° change of equipment configuration, skis back on and skin up to the summit of Gran Paradiso (about 4000 mt). 4th change of equipment configuration (change of skins)-checkpoint. The course going downhill, it passes by the bivouac for the 5th change of equipment configuration (the teams can untie the roped party). Along the Gran Paradiso Glacier until reaching the Vittorio Emanuele II refuge (2734 mt). 6th change of equipment configuration (skins on), 3rd check post and time barrier (5h) – 3rd refreshments post. The course then goes uphill at the bottom of the Ciarforon (about 3000mt) 7th change of equipment configuration (skins off). On a slight downhill the course will traverse below the Monciair and the Denti di Broglio to arrive in the upper part of the Grand Etret Valley, 4th checkpoint. From here skiing downhill to the Finish line in Pont (1960mt)

Detail of the elevation gain and loss:
1st uphill  2.160 mt D+1st downhill 1280mt D-
2nd uphill 300 mt D+
2nd downhill 1050 mt D-
Total positive elevation gain: about 2460mt
Total elevation loss: about 2330 mt

For any technical information you may contact the Alpine Guides : MARTIN Ilvo tel:++39 347.8773097 ;PELLISSIER Paolo tel: ++39 335.6614311 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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