Tour du Grand Paradis Trofeo Renato Chabod partenza 2018 foto Courthoud.jpg.620x0 q70 crop scaleTour du Grand Paradis – Renato Chabod Cup: the ski mountaineering competition on Gran Paradiso is held on the fourth and on the fifth of April 2020. 

Tour du Grand Paradis –Renato Chabod Cup comes back on the fourth and on the fifth of April. The long-distance ski mountaineering team race reaches its ninth edition and every two years it offers the chance to compete on the slopes of the only entirely Italian four-thousander, in the Gran Paradiso National Park, located in the Aosta Valley.

Save the date: Saturday 22nd February 2020 – Registration opening day. Starting from the 22nd of February it will be possible to sign up to the competition online via

The competition introduces many innovations this year. For the first time, the race will be two day long as on Saturday 4th April there will be a short prologue time trial followed by the classic race on Sunday the 5th. The classic race course also features some changes that will be communicated in the coming weeks. However, the departure from Pravieux-Pessey, the arrival in Pont and the course through the slopes of the Gran Paradiso and in front of other peaks such as Tresenta, Ciarfaron and Becca di Monciar should not vary. The sum of the times of the two races will make up the final ranking. 

Moreover, the snowboard category will be introduced: split boards or sealskin skis uphill, snowboard downhill. 

Registration will open on February 22nd and it will close on April 2nd at noon or upon reaching 150 registered teams. 

The registration fee for the two days competition amounts to 240€ for each team and it includes: the organization, the security service, the technical assistance and refreshment on the race course. Furthermore, it includes an ADMO backpack filled with typical regional products, dinner on Saturday, overnight stay and breakfast and closing lunch on Sunday. The registration fee for teams that do not intend to take advantage of the overnight stay amounts to 140€. The registration fee for the snowboard category amounts to 100€ for each team.

Tour du Grand Paradis –Renato Chabod Cup is organized by Sci Club Valsavarenche in collaboration with Ente Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso, Asiva, Fondation Grand Paradis, Comunità Montana Gran Paradis, Municipality of Valsavarenche and Autonomous region of the Aosta Valley. The staff who will assist on the race course will be made available by Ente Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso, Guide Alpine, Corpo Forestale, Guardia di Finanza, Sci Club Valsavarenche volunteers and neighboring municipalities. In addition, there will be volunteers from the Vertical Transvanoise, the race twinned with the Tour du Gran Paradis, which gives birth to the Trophee des Bouquetins. Another very important partner is ADMO which donates the supply of backpacks. The backpacks will be full of typical products and they will be given to the athletes as a participation prize.

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