Zaino Venturi by Frendo pacco gara del Tour du Grand Paradis 1.JPG.620x0 q70 crop scaleWe entered the week of the Tour du Grand Paradis, the last race on the international and Italian ski mountaineering calendar. Sunday 29 April on the slopes of the Gran Paradiso, the only "4000" entirely in Italian territory, will be a sport challenge for the victory among some of the "top skialper" Italian, but will be for everyone the opportunity to take a trip with skis and skins seal on the snows of the Gran Paradiso National Park. At the time of writing, there are about 110 registered teams, so there are still about forty bibs available.

One of the many reasons to register and take part in this closing party of the competitive ski mountaineering season is also the race pack.
A participation prize consisting of the Venturi by Frendo backpack not yet on the market, a can of Les Bieres du Grand St Bernard, a buff of the Admo (Bone Marrow Donors Association) and Sunday lunch.

The Venturi by Frendo backpack, with a volume of 28 liters, is supplied to the organization by the company New Sport Project of Aosta, which distributes technical material for the mountains in Italy.

Consulting the list of members, it is clear to the eyes that there will be numerous French ski mountaineers in the race. This is also because the Tour du Grand Paradis - Renato Chabod Trophy is twinned with the French race Vertical Transvanoise, two-year race held in April 2017. The two races give life to the Trophee des Bouquetins, in the spirit of consolidating the bonds of friendship between the municipalities of Pralognan-la-Vanoise and Valsavarenche and between the Parc National de la Vanoise and the Gran Paradiso National Park, both of which have the objective of protecting and safeguarding the territory and its nature and as a symbolic animal the ibex.

The snow conditions on the race track are exceptional, the weather forecast for the weekend is good, the registrations are open until 24 hours on Friday 27 April and can be done on the site.

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